What we value

The notion of Push Hands can be traced back to the ancient philosophy of Tao. This is where the Push Hands team discovered its origins – balance (Yin Yang) and neutrality.


  • Balance is about understanding a subject not only through itself, but also with its opposite. This exchange is in a constant state of flux. Therefore, we believe the fortunate should think and care about the unfortunate as we would want to experience similar generosity should we become the unfortunate.

  • Neutrality means it is always better not to panic and not make reckless decisions in adversity; it is better to stay calm and carry on what has been started. Therefore, we believe remaining calm and confident is the right way to overcome hardship.


With these two principles met, we believe the magnitude of the adversity in the present is matched by a similar level of joy in waiting. It is a matter of time before things change. In some cases, one has to decide whether the glass is half empty or half full.


We believe by ‘pushing’ good work and events for people in need, we will push ourselves at the same time. We should learn from others, and thereby learn more about ourselves and in the process become better human beings.   

""Every push and every hand counts""

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